Saturday, February 23, 2013


It has been so long since I last blogged and oh so much has happened! I have been so blessed with abundance of every kind! I will do a brief list of the wonders since we last "spoke."
~ I got married in not one, but two ceremonies to the love of my life!
Our beach ceremony October 2012

~ Both our families participated in the ceremonies and brought us such joy!

Our legal Vermont wedding day September 2012

~ My mom has healed from two surgeries and is moving on from both!
Mom and I laughing on her visit to Vermont

~ I have been doing some writing, and will have another piece published soon, a feminist re-imagining of the Goddess Athena! Yay!

~ We went on two fabulous vacations to Michigan Women's Music Festival and Cape Hatteras!

~ We had work done on our home, including painting it purple!

~ I have finally figured out what I have been called to do over the past couple years. I will soon start training to become a Certified Intuitive Consultant with the goal of becoming a Spiritual Empowerment Life Coach. 
Kuan Yin in our mediatation garden Photo by Madaid Lopez copyright 2013

Needless to say my writing has been scattered and brief because I have been so pleasantly busy. I have found it hard to focus and would love to have profound words for all the joy I feel...but I don't!
I am so fortunate and grateful for my life and I am happier than I have ever been and although I could get really deep about all this -  for now I will just say with a hint of whimsy
this one is for the birds.......

For the birds

Lengthening days of winter are pleasantly punctuated
by ferociously feeding flocks at my feeder.
Changing throaty love songs and awkward advances at the bath
are sly signs of hope for a sequestered seasonal sonnetist.
But this one
is for the birds.
Cagey phrases flushed from hiding
resist synthesis,
as flitting feathers and fleeting fecundity
waft away
                  with wisps
                                           wood smoke
and my words
                                             on - a - page
                                                                      like seeds in a snow squall.

by~ Heather Kohser  copyright 2013

Photo by Madaid Lopez copyright 2013
 Blessings of abundance to all!!!